Why Clintech

While we endeavor to convince and sell you our superspeciality surgical services in anorectal diseases, we believe that our qualities are our main selling point. This is why we are the first choice among domestic patients and medical tourists and it is also why our reputation precedes us. If you look at our main attributes, it’s easy to see why we are so successful.

ClinTech Medical Centre, in collaboration with registered hospitals, is a consultation centre, providing operative facilities in piles, fissures and fistula.

  • ClinTech is a famous concept clinic in the coloproctology map of India that specializes in the treatment of rectal and anal issues, with the most common being Hemorrhoids, Fistula and Fissure.
  • Our specialists in this field of Coloproctology are certified in Ultroid (view profile) and other advanced surgeries and they have the enviable portfolio of experience you can find when it comes to anal and rectal issues.
  • The technologies that we use in our treatments are certified according to international standards and follow US FDA and other global guidelines.

We make it easy for you...

  • We use treatments and procedures that involve very minimal pain, invasion or downtime. Certain treatments are completely pain free and take very short time.
  • Our specialists will cater to your anorectal problems in a very pleasant environment and choose the right and safest method for your specific situation and needs.

We help you stay on track...

  • We will examine how you live and offer lifestyle advice that will help keep future issues at bay.
  • We will provide you with any and all health products to alleviate current and future anal or rectal issues