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Dr Sambit Patnaik
Dr. Sambit Patnaik
MBBS, PGDHHM, MS (Gen. Surg.)
Minimal Invasive Coloproctologist & Surgeon

Dr.Sambit Patnaik has co-conceptualised coloproctology surgeries at ClinTech, after his basic and advanced surgical training in India and abroad, as a one-stop office based surgical clinic for all common ano-rectal disorders. The concept is to create the ease and comfort of a simple” walk-in and walk- out” approach prevalent in dental clinics. Along with the latest in the ano-rectal surgical multimodality treatment options for hemorrhoidal diseases/ fissures/ fistula, he is additionally trained in the unique technique of hemorrhoidolysis popularised in the US by Ultroid Inc. in Tampa, Florida, USA thereby putting him and the three branches of ClinTech as the only centres in the Asia Pacific region of the Ultroid Physician map. The latest treatment options of Doppler guided modalities, minimal invasive surgeries like NOTES, TAMIS, TEMS, MSCH, VAAFT , CLIS are easily performed in the facility by Dr Patnaik. Future plans include bringing in other ground-breaking surgical technologies in the field of ano-rectal disorders to ClinTech.


Availability : Dr Sambit Patnaik is available at ClinTech clinics by appointment.